Sector: Landscaping 
Enquiry: We've got a customer working in the very seasonal world of landscaping and gardening. They are doing a great job of expanding, but with growth comes an increase in cost and squeeze on cashflow which in turn brings additional pressure.  
Solution: We were able to organise a supplier invoice facility that allows them to spread the cost of their supplier invoices over a 6 month period. In short, the supplier gets paid in full up front and then our customer spreads the cost of the invoice over the following 6 months. Great result in assisting with cashflow and enabling the business to keep on growing. 
One of the best things about this deal was that it was all completed in 48 hours! 
*Pleaes note this facility cannot be used to pay tax, payroll or for perishable stock. 
Product: Supplier Invoice Facility £15,000 
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