Sector: Fencing Company 
Enquiry: We recently had a new customer referred to us from a local accountant we know. They’re an established fencing business who despite having an existing commercial broker was not getting the help they needed to secure some additional working capital support. So, we stepped in to see what we could do. 
We quickly established there were several short-term unsecured loans and although consolidating them might have been an option it was not possible and definitely not in the best interest for our customer. 
Solution: Instead, we suggested they look at an invoice finance line – this could release some immediate cash for working capital and also help them start to repay some of the more expensive unsecured loan facilities. 
We were delighted when a £250,000 invoice finance facility got approved – the working capital for now was the immediate success but the support it gives our customer to fund future growth is a huge win too. 
Product: Invoice Finance facility £250,000 
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